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Hello! Thank you for stopping by today. My name is Summer, I am recently in my 30s, married to the love of my life (Sean), happily floating through my dream career, in love with my family and friends, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ.

In April of 2016, I began writing Waves of Summer so that I could document the things going on in my life. Sean and I have desperately been trying to start a family, and after almost two years of heartache, I thought maybe it would help if I wrote out my thoughts and frustrations. Over the last year and a half, I've scoured the internet looking for answers, people who were going through the same thing, people who were taking the same steps... And although there is an ocean out there of women and families going through the same sadness, I couldn't find anyone who was going through EXACTLY what I was. So my hope is that someone out there finds this comforting, inspiring, and hopeful as I navigate through this time in my life. Maybe someday it will become more creative and fun as life happens. But today, as one of my favorite songs by Hillsong United puts it, I'll "keep my eyes above the waves when oceans rise" because His "grace abounds in deepest waters." 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and love to you all!

XOXO, Summer